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Learn German iLang™ app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 5264 ratings )
Travel Education
Developer: Greg Vick
Current version: 6.4, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 06 Sep 2011
App size: 71.18 Mb

Forget learning how to ask directions to the nearest municipal swimming pool!!
Were here to help you learn all the most common used German words in ONE week.

As kids we were memorizing hundreds of words without effort.It worked due to strong associative memory and connection between words and sensation.

We believe that a language is an audio-visual dynamic environment of images.

We design this app with help of a linguist to help beginners make their learning more efficient and more effective.

Notable features:
* Flash cards associated with audio in BOTH German and English by native speakers.
(To memorize foreign words relying not on translation, but on object.)
* Addicting game to improve learners memory
* High quality native speaker audio recordings
* 1000 Most Frequently Used Words to learn
* 20 German Topics including:
German Course - Travel
German Course - Places
German Course - Directions
German Course - Money and Shopping
German Course - Eating and Dining
German Course - Colors and Numbers
German Course - Family and Friends

*** How does this app work? ***
Learn section: You will learn the name and pronunciation of a word as you slide across the screen.Every word is pronounced in both German and English.
Quiz section:You will hear a name belonging to one of images show on the screen. You should tap an image to complete the quiz,the pleasant applause tells a correct answer.
Every section is designed so you can enjoy success time after time and receive positive reinforcement from the likable teacher.

*** What will I learn? ***
Travel, Places, Directions...... There are so many words here!You will learn all the common used German words with fun and ease.
A quiz game was designed to make your learning more efficient.

***What wont I learn? ***
This app does not overload you with too many uncommon used words which you may not actually need.
Coping with stress and over-stimulation is therefore one reason that you wont keep learning.
Its clear focus makes the app a delight for you.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, please contact us before posting negative comments so we can resolve any issues you are having.
We will produce updates every 1 to 2 weeks. If you have any problems, comments, questions or feature requests please e-mail us at:

Pros and cons of Learn German iLang™ app for iPhone and iPad

Learn German iLang™ app good for

Great free app, Rosetta stone like. I downloaded it in many languages. Very efficient.
Jaurais bien avoir la possibilité décrire. Lécriture aide à mémoriser. Would like to have the possibility to write sentences. This help memory Thanks. One star missing because of crashes!
Great free app. The listening and pronunciation feature is very effective.
Easy to understand and strongle image related. Excellent for the basic vocabulary while traveling.
Excellent app. Fantastic skills training and easy to use. As a language teacher I recommend this app for its well rounded language teaching method! Top scores from me!
It is the second device that i downloaded This app ... It is amazing, i"ve learned a lot... i recommend 100%

Some bad moments

The 1st pic is misleading as 5 sections (clothing, color, education, entertainment and family) can only be accessed by paying 2.39.
If it didnt crash every 15 seconds I would have given it 5 stars. Easy to use, clear pronunciation, and nice pictures.
Ive spent about 30 seconds or so in application it started begging me write a review with "plz support us" message. Stop doing this, because I already hate this app before Ive started using it