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Very good up. Download it.

App report

Nice app,thxs for this opportunity to learn German on the go

Great application

Im enjoy it


Great app! I hope there will be more words :)


Very nice stuff. Useful.

The first one

Great app guys. Very usefull when you have 10 free minutes and dont want to waste them. Learn with ease!

I hate those "plz support us" messages

Ive spent about 30 seconds or so in application it started begging me write a review with "plz support us" message. Stop doing this, because I already hate this app before Ive started using it

Nice app

Very nice app. Not so msny words but useful!


Made with love :)

Well.. Not bad.

This app has a good design and audio and etc... However, it is not for learning German language, it is for learning German words.


I like this app. Hope helped me to get my aimed


the best app

Exactly what I expected

Finally I found the program I was looking for. Than


Its a very useful application for vocabulary, actually, exactly what I was looking for.


Very useful !!!

Very WOW

Just need more words for experienced level


Good for learning words, but how to use them in a sentence should learn somewhere else.

Thanks a lot))

Very useful. Ive already bought four languages!

A good applicaton

Quite useful for learning German vocabulary

Great way to learn words

Cool app! Easy and funny

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